Synthetic urine, which is colloquially known as fake pee, is a laboratory mixture that replicates the qualities of natural human urine. It is usually made of an organic and inorganic material such as water, creatinine, urea, phosphates and sulfates. There are many retailers and manufacturers who produce synthetic urine for different purposes, and as a matter of fact, synthetic urine possesses the same qualities as authentic human urine. While Synthetic Urine is unfamiliar to many people, it has many advantages and is used for different things.


dhd74One of the main advantages of synthetic urine is for product quality testing. Since synthetic urine has the qualities of natural urine and has a longer shelf life, synthetic urine is used to test the efficiency of diapers and cleaning agents. Synthetic urine is used to make sure that diapers, for example, pass quality assessment from manufacturers. Marketers use synthetic urine to show that cleaning agents such for toilets and for carpets are effective in removing stain and odor. Moreover, manufacturers of medical equipment used in urinalysis also use synthetic urine to check if the equipment works as it should.


Believe it or not, urine is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes in what is called urine therapy. The most common use of urine as a medication is for jellyfish and urchin stings. Although there is not enough scientific evidence to support, this is practiced in some traditional societies and has been proven to relieve pain from stings. Other communities also use urine to massage it on their skin in the belief that it will relieve pain caused by sunburns and that it will make skin look healthier. For people who may find it unsanitary to use natural human urine, synthetic urine can be used as a substitute.


Scientists perform experiments that sometimes require the use of urine. The scientific community has also turned to synthetic urine as an alternative to human urine. Synthetic urine is a more viable option since it has a longer shelf life compared to an authentic urine, and thus can be easily transported anywhere. Examples of scientific experiments are urine testing for different diseases, NASA experiments for their missions, and cancer research in Mexico.


hdhd74In a procedure called urinalysis, hospital and clinic laboratories examine the contents of a human urine sample to find out any traces of drug use. The human body absorbs chemicals from marijuana and other synthetic drugs through the blood stream in the kidneys and is execrated from the body through urine or feces. The therapeutic effect of Marijuana is used to treat stress, depression, arthritis, body pain and muscle pains. And while there are other states where supervised or medically prescribed marijuana use is legal, this is not true for the majority of states.

While clinics have become strict when it comes to urine sampling, synthetic urine is still being used by some people to pass drug tests. It is still better to detoxify yourself before undergoing drug tests, but for random emergency checks, synthetic urine can be used. Just make sure that you keep it at the right temperature which you can learn more about at Also visit and find out how synthetic urine really work.